Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The worse XML parser ever

Today I wrote a very crappy XML parser (built on an XML library). It reads in some setup stuff but I'm pretty sure it will crash out on malformed XML.

All the XML will be computer generated though - so I'm leaving it, as it is. It's pretty much the final link in my menu system. Everything basic can now work. So I've managed to catch up on the coding I missed this weekend.

I also put word verification on the comments - because I started get lots of spam there. If you're logged into blogger though - I really don't think it should be required! I'm sure there's a better way; like making sure ips can submit many comments to many blogs impossibly fast. Or, heh, blogger's partnered up with google can't they use the same spam killing stuff that works on gmail? The current way is quite user unfriendly. (why do you have to type in 6 distorted letters - wouldn't 3 or even 1 have been just as effective?)

The Games Developers Refuge (GDR) seems to have been ressurected - a forum for indie game developers to chat. FrozenEmu and Tsugumo don't seem to have a had a hand in it though :( Still there seem to be a few interesting threads for it to be enough of a diversion.

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