Saturday, October 29, 2005

Goals rawr

Saturday, (time of writing), I generally don't work on my projects - as I need my socializing time away from work. The same is true of this saturday. Tomorrows goal is fixing up the warlord code but that's tommorrow.

I have an hour or two free this morning so I'm continuing to work on smaller programs that have caught my interest. These programs are generally written using SnippetCompiler or Lua.

Also I've been catching up on my mail list reading. It's quite useful to subscribe to a few technical mail lists as it keeps your knowledge fresh and up to date. This is the theory anyway. Generally I recieve the mail but never read it . . . I'm catching up on maybe a months worth now. I wish there was a simple extremely lightweight program that would download my unread gmails - without deleting them - and allow me to read them offline.

Anyhoo some clever chap got Lua up and running on the Nintendo DS! There's a screen shot of the console here.

This morning I'm working a little on my conversation modules - I'd say Engine but there's no architecture yet! It's all bottom level functions -> that have yet to be pulled into anything useful.

I also got around to downloading the version 2.0 of net or whatever it's called. Whatever gives me the new CSharp stuff. I want to start playing with generics - they sound groovy. I try not to worry about speed but all the boxing and unboxing with arraylists - always worried me in my program. I don't know if I'll convert my current code base though - it's a rather lot of work. I'll wait until I finish of need to optimize.

(offtopic:I also watched "The Corporation" which I quite enjoyed in a disturbing way. A bit like the No Logo book. Check it out, try a different perspective out, it's all about different experiences.)

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