Sunday, October 30, 2005


Yes now the warlord just starts running - clunky animation and all. It's quite cool.

The only problem is when he's out of the players view he continues to run. Maps are buffered around the player. When he manages to run off a map, well then the game crashes. He's checking if there's anything blocking him - as he moves from one map to another. The next map not being buffered means null pointer and CRASH!

Not an entirely unexpected bug. At this point the NPC should be promoted to metamap status, or depending on importantance - just turn around. Maybe as default I should always have the blocking state be returned as true.

There's also the problem that CPU cycles shouldn't be spent on what the player can't see and the distance he travels should just be estimates. All this is for another day.

I've succesful reached my goal yay! Not too hard it you keep them modest!

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