Sunday, October 30, 2005

So how are the goals going ...?

Well I keep looking at my code and thinking - what is this? What does it all do? Why is all so messy?

It needs refactoring. Programming something so big - has really allowed me to see design flaws that much more sharply. So I'm noting down changes that are required. After every stage I refactor - and I'm oh so very near the end of this (stage 2).

I've written out a full plan on how I'd like my conversation tool set to progress. Then I did some programmer art for a warlord. Current he can walk forward - or run forward. It's not incredibly dire (artist ablility wise) but it's far far away from good or usable even. I really think I should start colouring the sprites in black and white and the colourize afterwards.

So I polished off some of the frames of the sprite. Great. Then I knitted together some code that was seperate in my project but required knitting. Then I checked and it seems to work rather nicely - just as it did in the test program.

Next up I need to write a very simple warlord brain, I need to hook a physical representation up to the warlord. Then I need everything to work. But first - a big mug of tea and then to work!

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