Thursday, October 27, 2005

Beep beep boop beep

This week at work I managed to write my Context Free Grammar code entirely in C#. It now creates a C# datastructure rather than taking the easy way out and producing a Lua program (I didn't stick with this - 1. I wasn't sure about cleaning up the memory. 2. There where conflicts with Lua keywords in some cases 3. It would not be as fast. 4. It was pretty tricky to extend.)

So I did that. Checked it then wrote a nice dll to wrap it. I want to write code and forget about how it works - for me, the way Visual Studio works - doesn't let me do this easily. I want to write code that's done and then I never ever want to see that code again unless theirs a problem. The way I've been using Visual Studio - it's all their as clutter. DLLs are one way around this - but I don't want a billion dll files. I think perhaps the best way to do a large project is to write nearly everything as a dll then you can add a load of other projects to your solution that reference that dll. You can have a unit test project for instance. Lots of small projects that poke around with your main code. Surely the way to go. Currently I have three dlls - clock, GUI, grammatron. These are mine. I don't use the clock dll as the code's part of my project.

I've been playing a little bit with combat and I've been playing a little more with conversations - and the format for writing them. This weekend I try to reach last weekends goal :D

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