Saturday, October 15, 2005

Amazing what gets done while trying to avoid coding.

I've messed around with the template for the blog a bit. It's still not perfect but I think it's better.

The goal this weekend is getting the concept of a turn (as turn based game, type of turn) into a real system. Also having AI decide what to do and execute what to do over a number of terms. It's one of the complicated parts of my project - that really should get a lot more planning than I've given it.

I'm not messing around in my main code at least. I've just fired up Snippet Compiler and wrapped my clock code up to a .dll file. That way I'm free to mess around. This was on done while at work - which was busier than usual.

I've got a basic idea what to do but it's not straight forward and I'm making use of some design pattern stuff. To document the code I wanted something visual so I searched around a decent free UML package. AgroUml was the answer. Hosted on tigris - the same as Subversion content management. I think Tigris an open source intiative that has a goal - of fully completed projects - not just stuff that's hanging around hardly touched. Anyway it does everything I wanted - simple UML diagrams. I downloaded the c# plugin too - even though in the end I couldn't find how to make it work (I don't wanna spend too much time messing around). Also high level C# and Java aren't radically different so it suited my needs.

There's currently a nearly complete prototype sitting in the snippet compiler program now written in a pleasant manner. So I'll finish up that today and if I have time I'll pull it into the my main code.

There's a nice little blog / journal over on it's all about creating a Final Fantasy Tactics style RPG in Java. The posts are quite informative! Worth checking out.

I also need sort out the comments on the blog as the new templates messed them up a bit.

Oh look at that I seem to have got tags working again as well

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