Saturday, October 08, 2005

Pretty much done!

I'm calling it a day now. Every is oh so nearly complete. Users can be selected - but I haven't hooked up the new game launching code yet. That's all that's left to tackle for me to reach my goal of getting it done this weekend. Oh that and arrows and testing. I'd put up a screen shot if it didn't look so poor :D Maybe at the end of the next stage!

I think my work ethic today, left a little to be desired. Still I ploughing on - and that what's counts. It's starting to get a unique feel too instead of being a YAWAD (Yet Another Walk Around Demo) - I made that up all by myself :D.

There's another blogger over here, blogging about developing a 3D engine - hopefully it will make good reading!

I also changed my blog name from Game Dev to game development. I think it looks nicer - it always felt like seeing half a word before. Though Dev's easier to say / think.

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