Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cracker sandwiches are always a bad idea, this is a universal constant

What did I achieve this weekend? Nothing, apart from a sunburn.

I need to increase my time-management foo, there may be some progress tomorrow morning.
I'm working on getting layers on my map in the hackishly cheapest way possible. But i also want to do so that I can edge ever so slightly to the correct way of doing things.

My todo list has the tile problem and timing on it. After that I'll do the quadtree. So the layers should have be done this weekend - I'll see if I can do it by wednesday.

Oh also check out one of the google notebooks I've been playing with.

So in closing:

Weekly goal: A hours programming EINFALL a day.
By Wednesday goal: Layers

EDIT: Monday
Did around 1/2 a hour this morning and about an hour now. Layers are basically in, though saving and loading isn't. Layers are quite cleanly implemented but the tile class is quite messy.

EDIT: Tuesday
Did around 1/2 this morning and about 40 minutes now (if I'm generous). Tile layers are loading and saving. So next up is having houses. Also the tile class needs cleaning but that's such a lot of work, that I'm avoiding it :D

EDIT: Wednesday
Did about 50minutes this morning. No programming, just organizing tiles - pitfully little was accomplished. It seems doubtful I'll do anything this afternoon as I'm teaching English in about 10 minutes.

Also Java - hey Java why don't you have delegates? Godamnit! Makes programming in you so bothersome.

EDIT: Thursday
Slept late no morning. And no evening either :( No evening tomorrow either but mayve I'll get some stuff done tomorrow. So I've dumped LuaJava in favour of Python (under Jypthon). LuJava is too fiddly, to be totally clear it's too much of a C wrapper not enough Java-tasting. The C# Lua interface though is excellent. I briefy looked at Ruby (longingly) but projects are rather basic at the moment.

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