Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Swimming with sacred pigs

So there's an excellent firefox plugin from google, called Google Notebook. I'd advise you get it. It allows to copy little bits of websites that you want to remember, then you can search them and sort them into a logical order etc etc. A bit like the scrapbook extension - which I also use, but that keeps whole pages which I read later (at school). I've tried to write something like google note book a few times on my own.

Imagine having a notebook for your RPG game, then every piece of info on the web that gives you an idea you can throw it in there. Excellent - this is a really exciting plugin. Especially if it's extend to find related items in other peoples books.

A* Library still playing with what functions go in what interfaces - also I have a little GDI tank that you can move around a screen by clicking on a tile, it's quite neat. There's no timing so the tank just goes to the tiles as fast as possible.

The next step on EINFALL is refactoring the tile - a big job, or hacking in layers - a small job but not very pretty. Should get done this weekend either way.

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Jani said...

Just so you know, this note-thing has been in Opera for ages ;)

Highlight whatever text you want, right click, copy to note. Tadah! Also saves the link to the page.

And yes, it's searchable... doesn't sort though, but instead you get a nifty feature to send the note by email

Now, who needs firefox or extensions? :)