Saturday, May 20, 2006


Today is shockingly beautiful, very sunny. This calls for sitting on the balconey and drinking coffee later today.

I've fixed the first of my two menu bugs. I wasn't closing a filestream - duh, so I was defaulting to the default texture. Next up is the "why do the planets turn blue problem".

If I get these two things done I may go off on a tangent and do something totally uneinfall related.

Wheeee: Fixed the blue planet problem.

So it took about 2hours total. Why have I been unable to make myself do it until now though? :D Grrrr. Still happy with that. The next big task is refactoring the tile.

*Refactor the tile
-It should be serialized
-It can be much lighter
-But it requires quite a lot of work, therefore I might just add a layer concept and come back to it later.

*Add local regions
-Basically each map will have a quadmap to reduce collisions.
-Also regions will exist for buildings, so it's easy to tell when your in or out.

The player is now placed on the map that his setup file says he should be placed at. This should have been done in stage 2 but by that time I'd forgotten what one of the todo's actually meant :D There is no saving of where the player travels too during the game though!

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