Tuesday, May 09, 2006

anyone can now access the datasphere

Recently I've been playing with path finding and building a path finding library in C#.

I'm really not sure how good it is - it's modular, Final Fantasy Tactics and Master of Orion could both use it but it requires some massaging of the data. Still poking at it, haven't made any decisions yet. I'll probably document it here when I do.

Oh I finished code complete, a while back. Excellent book. I recommend it.

Supposedly the game's generating cities and using the correct textures. Once I confirm this is actually this case. I'll upload a screen shot, that will show dissapointing building outlines :D then I'll get to work on making the menu more robust - it does some strange things now and again.

Oh and totally replacing the tile too.

I've read nothing too interesting lately :( I really must finish the mathematics book :D

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