Thursday, May 04, 2006

Legs are made of food.

It suddenly becomes clear why cities aren't being created.

public void Write(ITileMapCommand command)
// Use region data and construction knowledge and shell map

// For now we always assume the center of city
// There's no method at all for using other shellmaps that
// the city might cover.

// Need access to the shellmap.


No code!

EDIT: Going to be in Osaka for the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Is it a Computer Science joke? I just don't understand it ^^;

Osaka should be nice.
Some photos maybe at return !!

balaam said...

Ah, possibly browsing previous post titles might make it all click.

Also I'm aware there are a few unanswered posts scattered over some of the tutorials. I intend to get them ... how soon is another matter as it suddenly getting rather busy as the end of my contract approaches.

I upload interesting pictures to flickr, but I don't think I took any interesting ones in Osaka.