Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The first stand

No code this weekend! No code this morning. It's like a pattern.

There was a little code at school where I'm making a prototype Final Fantasy Battle type game in Java using the Golden T Game Engine or something (obviously the name needs changing as I can't remember it) with scripts in Python. That didn't last too long because I got distracted by reading about the Ebola virus (and the others in the charming Filoviridae family) - another reason never ever to go anywhere near central Africa.

EINFALL needs changing so the map generator takes advantage of layers - this shouldn't take long to do, maybe tomorrow morning.

If you been checking my del.icio.us bookmarks you might notice I've been looking at the gamedev four elements contest.

The four elements are: Europe, Eblem, Emotion, Economics. This actually gave me an interesting game idea but it's not strongly tied to any of the particular elements. I even worked up a set of small mile stones.

Speaking of mile stones there's an open source project management program that caught my eye yesterday (a little like Microsoft Project.) Here it is, OpenWork bench, looks interesting.

But I don't know if I'm going to work on it or not. I'll have to have finished EINFALL stage three first and my Java+Jython battler.

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