Monday, January 02, 2006

No motivation

I've started my chunk of free time now but am totally unmotivated.
Today I've fixed up a few bugs but that's it.

Possibily I'm still suffering the pain of jet-lag, I never suffered this bad before. I think the day in Tokyo followed by the overnight bus to Toyama was the real killer. This morning I was up at four but it's better than the previous day were I tried to go to sleep at 12 but never actually managed to go to sleep at all.

I have lots of interesting books to read at the moment - a few software ones (code complete and others I'll give my opinions on them as I read them.)

I'm also worrying about this summer. I've decided to end my contract and I don't know what to do afterwards. I'm considering more university or employment. If someone reading works for a nice game company and is looking to hire some bright young chap - I'm all ears. Location isn't an issue to me really.

So I'm looking for a new rush of inspiration.

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