Thursday, January 19, 2006

No time passes, or some does.

This weekend, provided I carve myself some big fleshy chunks of time, I'll be adding a quad tree to the maps, a very very basic quad tree but one that will allow me to have lots of stuff moving at once without collision code becoming sluggish. I'll also be adding metadata to the maps. I got one level of this done today pretty much.

After this is done, the next step is tieing the metadata into the map creation algorimth.


I'm looking at the Masters Computer Games Programming Course in Hull and the one in Teeside. If there are others I'll apply there too. I'll be back in England for August - and I'm informed it's fine to apply at this time. So anyone else who's thinking of doing these courses, well I may be joining you.

I have no idea which is the "best", Teeside seems to be the highest requirements but I've always been told it's a bit of dump and more of a money making excerise than a University. But it appears I may have been misinformed.

Also I've been poking at the blogger API a tiny bit. I may knock up a program this weekend that will allow me to keep at "Currently Reading" list going which would be nice.

And thats it, nothing too great happening.

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