Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hugo Goldforce

That's right more name generation. I'm writing up a couple of custom grammars right now I want to build a base of predefined grammars to pick from then I also have one grammar that outputs grammars to generate names - I've got a very crude version of this working already but typing the grammar out hurts my head a little. Reminds me of some of the stuff in Metamagical Themas.

The weeks goal though is regions - getting regions into the game. Currently regions exist in a different project and they work but I think they're too complicated. There's some listener response patterns that causes events to cascade. It passes the unit tests so no worries for now. That's all. Regions require names so that's where the grammars come into play. So I'm finishing off a few modules, creating some resources and then hammering it into my main build. Or that's the plan.


I think I'll be leaving the game programming for monkeys tutorials as they are. If I ever buy webspace then I'll upload more source code. (I currently use some very kindly donated webspace The "tutorials" where mainly recording exactly what I did mistakes and all. I think that can be useful but I'd like there to be something more definite - so I'm rewriting the main points of the tutorials in Latex. From this I'll be able to generate webpages and pdfs etc. I just started doing this as something to rid the mind numbing boringness of sitting in the staffroom at work. I'm guessing it will take at least 3 months for a first draft to appear but hey, something to look forward to. Perhaps I'm out of date as the new SDKs probably start documenting the framework thing reasonably well probably making getting started much easier!

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