Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas, Santa is an anagram of Satan

I'm off to the UK. I won't be back in Japan till the New Year.
Everyone have a nice Christmas.

EDIT: Finally fixed the graphics bug in my main code. After christmas I'll have a chunk of free time and I want to get as far as possible into stage three.



Anonymous said...

hey my name is nick. Im one of your faithfull readers. But youve seemed to stop making tutorials and that quite frankly makes me pissed. Could you please finish what you started and write some tutorials on making your own map editor. And one on how to load maps. Thats the only part im missing before i could start my own game and i cant find any online

balaam said...

This sounds like a good idea. At the moment I'm so jet lagged I might as well be incredibly drunk so today seems a bad day to start :D

First of course I need to finish the original tutorials I redid one then two. I've tried three a few times but every time I start to read it I think "God this is awful and ranty" and quickly give up.

I'll try some time this week as I'm off and have some time. I haven't written a map editor yet, not even for myself. I thought there was some stuff about loading maps though? (I need to check)

An excellent set of blog posts about editing maps can be read on aen's blog. It's Java but thats not too far removed from C#, also he's made the source code accessible! Though current posts are talking about verge but if you dig a little deeper there are some map editor posts like this.

Anonymous said...

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