Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blood or Cream - why not use both?

I combined the mighty power of Amazon and mighty power of C-sharp and the less might power of blogger to create a "What am I reading now list". Why is bloggers power less mighty?, you might ask. Well currently there are two methods to access the blogger API, atom and XML-RPC (I vaguely remember the name from computer science but don't ask me what it stands for) and they both offer different functionality. Wonderbar. Also there's no way to republish the blog via the API, as far as I can, tell without creating a post and them promptly deleting it. Also the template must be in ASCII but this is mentioned in some far flung known issues page rather then the method docs. Any way using a bit of both I managed to get what I wanted.

What did I want?

I wanted to have a currently reading list on the front page of blogger. But I didn't want to always be editing the template and editing the html to edit it. It's a mundane task and that's what I hear computers are good at. So I fire up my shiny new application that lets me search amazon, then I choose the books I'm reading and press next. It shows me shows me some html, so I can add extra comments if I so fancy, and them with a button press it publishes it to my blog.

Anyway I've not done a proper update yet, so it may dissapoint some of you to know that I am in fact not reading Savages and Beasts: The Birth of the Modern Zoo by Nigel Rothfels. That was just a book I was using for testing.

But Dan what about your game?

Yes, today I've been a little distracted and tomorrow I'll be busy. But look yesterday I made a groovy generic data structure. Game-wise the bit I'm stuck on it planning really. I need to think through what I'm going to do before I start doing it.

Also 24 season 5 has started. Curse you Jack Bauer and your terrorist brutalizing ways.

Edit: Yes I obviously do need to make it add a few more line break tags in there...

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