Thursday, January 05, 2006

Eat your banana with care and dispose of the peel correctly.

Wonderbar. I've just killed my awful crashing bug - totally by accident.

Yesterday afternoon I became side tracked. The goal previously was 5. fix blocking (which I thought I'd done but it now seems I've merely done it for only one case *groan* why am I writing something so complicated?). 6. Stable Map Transfer 7.Crashing)

Well six and seven looked like far too much hard work. I was scouring my code looking for likely gotchas when I decided parts of it needed cleaning. So I've broken down some classes. Also I decided that I needed to implemented the new rendering function that I've had rendering around. I've been doing this all morning because the rendering code is reasonable complicated. I was also adding lots of unit tests as I went. I decided to refactor something with the strategy pattern as I had a bulkly class doing far too much - it's still pretty big and I noticed where all my problems had been coming from.

Basically I was recursing to an entire function when I merely wanted to rerun the very end part. So I seperated the very end part out into it's own function and this bypassed some camera-updating code - stopping the camera behaving crazily.

Reading through this it must sound like my codes an awful nasty ball of string. It's not that bad :D But I'm in the process of moving lots of it around to make it nicer to work with. Anyhoo my two major problems preventing me from starting stage three are now complete.

1. The nasty graphics bug I was having
2. Problems moving my player from one map to another.

Yay! Happy :D

I was only suppose to program to 12 today, then I was going to study but I'm going to finish this up.

A word on tutorials

I know there's been a bit of a drought. I'll probably start back up when I return to school and must sit at my desk with nothing to do :D Most of the tutorials still need updating for the latest DirectX versions and that's what I'll do first. Slowly, very slowly but regularly. If the third tutorial isn't updated by the 13th please chastize me. (Also I'm thinking of breaking out Latex and writing them in an expanded - larger number of pictures format and then make the pdf avaliable.)


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