Friday, May 03, 2013

RPG Stack of States

I'm continuing writing my "How To Make An RPG" book.

Recently I went back through the GUI textbox code and text and changed it because I decided I could make it simpler and more straightforward. It took a while but was worth doing. Then even more recently I've moved off the GUI chapter and into the next chapter that lays down a little of the game framework and basic in-game menu. Once I've done this chapter, I'll be making a small game to finish this part of the book. After that it's combat.

Demonstrate a state stack, the textbox state and map-exploration-state
I've finally got to the stage where I'm combing GUI elements and the map code from previous chapters, so that's awesome! Each example gets closer and closer to resembling a full a game.

If this post has caught your interest and you'd like to know more about the book I'm writing please check out the promo site here. Learn how to write a JRPG style game such as Final Fantasy 6.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,

Went bank and read all of the posts related to the book. It's a GREAT idea! When so to thin the book will be ready? Share the pessimistic deadline, so we know more or less when to expect it :).

Anonymous said...

*do you think, I mean. Darn autocorrection :).

balaam said...

Glad you like it! :)

Knowing when the book will be ready is a hard question! I'm looking to get the first draft done in the next 3ish months.

Once I have the first draft, then I'll have a better idea about timing. After the draft, I want to get some art made. I'll also be doing the editing and creating all the diagrams / illustrations.

The pessimistic deadline is by the end of the year :D But I really hope it doesn't take that long!

Anonymous said...

The end of the year? It's not that long at all ;). Don't rush it, and the outcome will be better. Keep up the good work!