Thursday, May 09, 2013

JRPG Inventory

JRPG style inventory and menus
Recently for the "How to Make an RPG" book I've been coding up the inventory menu. In order to do this I've added a scrollbar widget, it's pretty functional, in the above screen you can see the size of the caret represents the amount of inventory being displayed at once. I've also created a new selection menu which can handle columns, display a subset of items and simple scrolling. It's easy to configure it's appearance from the number of columns to the spacing between elements.

I'm going to make the menu near to 100% functional, then get back to the writing.

All the art is placeholder - but the inventory icons are especially placeholder as I drew them, which is why the bag icon looks more like a spade or stingray.

If this post has caught your interest and you'd like to know more about the book I'm writing please check out the promo site here.


catwell said...

I'm curious: what framework are you using, LÖVE?

I am working on a JRPG myself, I'm using Moai for portability and power.

I will buy your book no matter what you use :)

balaam said...

It's a custom engine, similar to Love in someways. The source code will be included (but it's basically a fast 2d engine using OpenGL)

Moai looks cool but I've never really dug into it.