Saturday, May 04, 2013

How To Build An RPG: A narrative diversion

I'm writing my next book "How to Make an RPG" and I'm slowly coming to the end of the first part.

Recently I've been adding in a little of the game framework using a 'state stack'. The architecture is quite simple but suprisngly powerful. I want to demonstrate how powerful it is, so there's a small section in the book that creates the scene shown below.

A basic "game start" type narrative. All graphics are placeholder.

The image above demonstrates the use of the textboxes on the statestack and a simple fade state. The rest of this chapter will be about creating the in-game menu.

As always I'll be keeping this blog up to date with my progress and if you want to be notified when the book is coming out please visit the promo site below:


Денис said...

Nice to see your book progresses.
I have a question. You use some opensource game engine for this book? If this is not secret info, of course.

balaam said...

Yes there's a engine that handles displaying windows, rendering sprites, text etc. The source will be released with the book.

At some point I'll probably write some posts about it.