Monday, May 13, 2013

RPG Magic Menu

Menu systems in JRPG games have to convey an awful lot of information in quite a limited space, so I definitely have respect for what the designers of classic JRPGs were able to do. (Though I also think there's plenty of room for improvement! And that they have gradually improved with more modern games)

Anyway today I did not get a lot done. I'm writing the code for the menu screens and making them almost fully functional. I finished off the item menu and did the magic menu too.

Creating these menu's forces you to make decisions about the game, so in some cases I've made things up to fill out the menus. Will examples in the book have a fire spell? Probably, but it may not be called "Fire" and will there be a branch of magic called "Sword Magic" ... probably not :)

The magic menu is just going to allow browsing the spells and branches of magic available to each character. Tomorrow, if all goes well, I'll finish off the equipment screen and the item screen.

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