Sunday, June 25, 2006

Soap and Sand

Hmmm goals didn't really get completed, well the ones associated with einfall anyway.

I've finished my basic map engine (engines overselling it but I can't think of a better word). It has batching, layers, layers with alpha channels for fringing, animation, different texture orientations, texture management and all that good stuff.

I want to add loading and saving, in a basic manner and there's one or two things that can be done cleaner - though it's very clean as it stands. I'm quite happy with it.

Here's a screen shot earlier from today.

It has a debug tile image I was using to check the tiles could be rotated okay. There's a info window that confirms that texture managements actually working, and some basic querying of the map.

I may make a second version that accepts Lua commands to modify the map but after that I'd be getting far too distracted :D And it's high-time to work the code back into my main project.

On I need to decide if I'll store entities on the map, on in the world and if they'll be linked to tiles or not.

Also randomly here are some links about data driven design:

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