Monday, June 26, 2006

"Does dying bother you?", he flipped the page, "Well then what do you intend to do about it?"

Today I updated the second Lua tutorial to work with the latest version of LuaInterface - just enough people where becoming confused to spur me into action. Unfortunately the nice highlighting has gone but this time there's source code and indentation.

I'e been playing more with my "TightMap". I "upgraded" it's message system (no doubt making it far far slower :D) so it currently looks a little like this.

I can do things with it that are probably all together too clever such as:

void OnClickVerify(object sender, EventArgs e)

form.SendGameStateMessage(new VerifyMap(delegate(string answer)
statsForm.VerifyState = answer;

Then I added Lua to the map. Then I added Lua messages to the message system. Then I added a Lua tab to my Map Stats form - so you can write chunks of code to modify the map and then send the code and watch the map change in real time. That's a bit groovy. Of course the only lua function in there at the moment is one the kills the map (correctly deferencing all it's textures I might add). I'm sure I'll add a few more tomorrow - modifying map tiles and layers.

And that's it. Started reading Ender's Game again at school, so the author's a fascist mormom homophobe he still writes a very good book.

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