Saturday, June 17, 2006

A bout of a case of springtime giddiness.

Recently I've been writing a benchmaker for batching. I've got a map up with animation using batching - that's working quite well. Before putting it into my main project though, I want to get layers, items and moving entities in there. Yes practically a whole new game base :D But I need to make sure everything works correctly before I can start adding it into the main project.


Jani said...

Sounds like you're actually trying to make sure things can be reverted back if they don't work... I just glue stuff on top of my existing things.

If something breaks up and I can't press "undo" many times enough... crap. =)

balaam said...

Use SVN and tortoise - it's like a save game function for your code :D You can always revert to a previous save!