Tuesday, September 13, 2005

On going ...

This weekend I sat down and got quite a bit done. I didn't finish though - there's still a few bits and pieces that needed tidying up. My world generation stuff seems to work well and there's a little bit of threading in there two.

All thats left to do is write the generated maps to disk (this is dropping in a function call). That's it for this stage. It will need to be expanded on later - I'll want to give the worlds I create a name and cities, empires, caves, dungeons that kind of thing.

Also there's a really really cool image manipulation reseach site here. The techniques they show have loads of applications for game developments. I also wonder in the algorimth could be easily extend to 3D dimensions. Definitely check out the video it's excellent.

I could imagine using this to pick things up in old style ultima style 2D game. It would make the objects act more naturally and be pretty surreal.

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