Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Grammar Bender

I'm on a bit of a grammar bender [2, 3] at the moment.

Today I converted my old pirate crew and captain generator, written in C# to two nice grammars.

Cut throat Robinson
Cutlass Thirsty Thomas
Yellow Joyce
Sea Cow Rapin' Bill
Whore Bitin' Bob
Fingean the criminal
Muttering Todd
Silver Swimming Henry
Nail Carryin' Guybrush

I'm tempted to post the grammars here but they're pretty lengthy so I'm going to skip it!

Here's some random french too! (see the grammar at the bottom of this post)

Entretarfitie ciep nunson sousolec
Chanic quuntou entrejimspemee gaumir
Ranceau conessom maliman rancam
Senoir quoeunir chontent sileur
Conamep blonpie fentegne goitain
Sousassugne vanseau voic ranpec
Stance entredagnejonou ninsusse domeur

Words seem a bit long but still pretty cool.

I've added a help commmand to my console - so I don't forget the commands I add!

Also this is an excellent article on promoting your game!

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