Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The loveliness of houses.

Today has been a pretty bad development wise and in most other respects but hey it's finally coming to close. I made some very small nudges towards pushing my world generator in my main code. I'm at the bit where data files are being created and they need to be put in certain directories - which may need to be made - and what do we do if there's that looks like we have to overwrite
and ...
and ...
and ...

so it needs a lot of testing and stuff. It has lots potential breaking areas grahh. Aim is to have it all done by end of the weekend. This could be hard as I'm working Saturday.

Also I'm trying to decide what to do next year 2006 around July. If you're a very nice Game company and want me to work for you - please let me know :D I'm also looking at maybe taking a year in Bangalore on a tourist visa and working on my game. Even though I doubt it would ever generate a years worth of cash it's something that's important to me and something I want to make.

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