Sunday, September 04, 2005

GUI Fixedish (woo I've made up my mind, I'm gonna keep baby badada da da da daa)

Gui wasn't showing up because of alpha testing being set by the tile rendering stuff and not reset.

Works okay now.

The overlapping bug is annoying I don't know where it's coming from. It even happens when the tiles aren't touching and only when they're in certain positions. I'm not actually sure what comes next now. I need to work up a road map again.


The main problem at the moment is I'm not sure what I should be doing. So I've created my 3 point plan of how to polish off stage III. I'm not too far away - it's just all the programming is boring stuff I tend to avoid. Lots of IO and checking directories exist - gah.

Currently I'm squishing together my world generation code and my main game. After than I have more menus to attend to. Then something a little more interesting - adding some architecture to my game to support some metamap stuff. Then I have to fix things and finish all those bits of code that seem to be at a loose end waiting for other bits of code to be finished.

I've standardize my comments as well while I go - mainly so they're easier to grasp at a glance. I've adopting the same system I use for Lua which is based heavily on Natural Docs which of course has been in my bookmarks for a while..

Goal to do by next weekend: Global Generator encorpated and working.

*Later still*

Generator seems to be working. Dragging it across wasn't too much of a hassle. There where a few magic numbers that had been arrived at by trial and error for a 100x100 map. These have been turned into rough heuristics for all maps - I'm not sure how it will work on a range of sizes yet.

It was suprisingly easy to get back into coding for my main project. Actually I started another project in the same solution so there was less clutter to work around - but i can still pull in any objects I wanted and stub them if I wanted.

Currently I have a nice console output showing that the basics are working fine. I need to do some fine tuning and I also need to work on the second half - it's nice to have the feeling I'm getting stuff done again on the project though.

Among other things stage four will actually have enemies and :o combat!! That's when things start getting exciting I guess. I've had a few goes a prototyping the combat engine in Python but nothing's really felt right yet.

I'm still following the Linear Algebra course. It's explained very well - easy to follow. I'm suprised and happy their are free lecture movies on the net for this sort of thing. I wish there where similar ones for actual graphics programming too! I'm thinking I'll try and do 2 or 3 a week. To get it to stick I'll do the excerises too. Should give a much better maths grounding. I found a linear algebra text book for free as PDF! on the web!

Fun fun.

I was also looking at P# (Prolog for .net! yay!) and wondering how hard it would be to fix this into my code. I couldn't find license though :(

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