Monday, September 05, 2005

About a third

Of the world generator's in place. It's pretty much identically to an earlier prototype but the values that are plugged in are generated by the computer rather than me.

I've put in some class stubs so I can begin the rest of the development. These are a set of classes that are going to expand so I've taken care to design them quite cleanly.

I should be able to finish it by this weekend and have working in the main project. Which means a lot of functionality that was scatted randomly all over the code can be culled. The map class is an impressive mess and is pretty large to boot - I need to trim that down and some point.

Once that's in though - that's the first of my three steps to completing stage III. I 'd really like to flesh out the console a bit more so I'll be doing that after stage III's complete.

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