Sunday, September 10, 2006

Harvard concludes - you suck.

Currently I have a copious free time, which I spend playing Dwarf fortress and reading books in the garden. Yesterday or the day before I helped out a friend at his work by doing a little flash programming for a very well known multinational company, so that was fun (and made me feel very big and important :) ) though I've never used flash before, and generally hate it on webpages. (Flashblock it was one of the main reasons I use Firefox :D )

But today I've been fooling around with a map editor. (I'm currently not playing with Einfall so much because I need to install a paint program that can handle png alpha channels, this would take all of two minutes, but reading and gardens often seem to get in the way) Yes map editor, a long time ago, some one commented that they were anxiously waiting for another tutorial that would cover map editors. I confess at this point I have no intention of writing a tutorial. My program is very basic at the moment, a MDI parent window. MDI stands for multi-document interface, I think, basically what you'd be using if you used Photoshop - a window for a each picture you opened.

The clever thing is my child windows are Direct X enabled. Using swap chains. I'm thinking about a tile palette but haven't quite decided anything yet, apart from it will be resizable and always arrange the tiles nicely :D

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