Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dank Cat Paw

We're expected to make a game by Christmas and to be extremely proficent in C++ by Christmas. It sounds fun.

My C++ is rusty to the point of collapse. So I'm going to work through one or two of the C books I brought along. Then I'll find what are a few good reference books for C++ and order them.

As for my simple tile rendering stuff - it now persists even if you log out and then log back in. And through screen savers and everything else. I want to talk about how to accomplish this but not quite yet :D

I want any articles I write to be in some kind of document source code and then the ones uploaded here are "compiled" to html. So I'm looking into docbook, but it looks very hard to set up. So maybe I'll see what I can do with a few latex plugins.

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