Sunday, September 17, 2006

Chasing down bugs.

I'm still having issues with some of my program that display maps missing a pixel or two on each tile - this only happened since I've switched the programs to my desktop machine rather than my portable. Also it doesn't happen with all my programs - suggesting, the somewhere, in certain programs, I'm doing something stupid. So I'm hunting that down.

I just built a very simple program that demonstrates the batcher and I don't lose any tile edges in this case ... so it must be somewhere else. The search continues.

I'm also rather slowly teaching myself Scheme in Emacs because I must have a deep repressed masochism. I'm using the Little Schemer book. So far so good. I'm just running an interpretter through Emacs at the moment. It does syntax highlighting, indentation and bracket matching - everytime I press one bracket, the matching one appears. After reading The Pragmatic Coder, I really felt like I should put in the effort to try and master Emacs. (I still can't imagine it ever matching productivity but I like the core structure of customisation and extensibility.)

Also I have somewhere to live in Hull, which will be useful as I'm starting University there next week. It use to be a slaughter house, and there are still hooks in a large wooden beam in the downstairs front room! Cosy.

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