Sunday, November 13, 2005

Visual Studio 2005 and Migrating my DirectX C# programs.

Well I've had one locking bug but with time and magic that dissapeared. Then I had a load of problems with dlls and non-matching version numbers.

How did you solve this Dan? Well, of course I messed about for a long time. Finally reading this thread. Where it told me to remove all the references and re-add them. That worked a treat ... at least for my GUI library.

I didn't finish this weeks goal but I did finish last weeks goal :D So at least I got some stuff done. I'm hoping to polish off some more of this weeks goal tomorrow night. I'm busy tuesday through to Friday night :(

When I finally work up the will to clean up my tutorials or write more this tool will be invaluble Copy Source As Html. I found it from the Ten Essential Tools list on MSDN. The list from last year is still extremely valid and worth checking out.

Have fun.

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