Saturday, November 12, 2005

This week.

Last week I wanted to decouple map references from my map object ... I'm still working on this.

During the week I started building a new library in dll format. It's going to be involved in conversations. It's mainly pulling together lots of little pieces of code that I've been working on. I may work on it today somemore. I also did some very minor city generation stuff nothing exciting yet, though I have a good idea for an algorithm.

Last week I did some refactoring and suddenly lost collisions! I managed to get tile collisions back in and just now and I've added in collisions between actors.

There are now new problems ... (;_;) I get flickering when my character moves from one map to another and if he starts moving from map to map to quickly he and all the other actors dissapear. I'll deal with this after all my current problems are finished. I'm not going to move to stage 3 until it's dealt with though.

I now think I've removed everything that was causing the abstract class map object to be coupled with a map, so I can safetly remove it. This is another step to maing my code less tangled and more modular.

My weekend goals are to tidy up stage 2 ready for stage 3.

+decouple map object
* Done! Game has also become magically faster too. The best kind of optimization is the magic, unexpected kind.

+prevent crashing when actors move on to unbuffered maps
* Also potential done but I need to check. checked it, it didn't work immediately but does now. Yay!

+develop a scroll bar in my GUI (it's been half finished for ever)
* Working much more than it used to be.
If you ever thinking of buying Wordware's DirectX 9.0 User Interfaces Design and Implementation, don't. Being very favourable it could be called a code listing. But the code is incomplete, the naming of the variables and methods seem almost purposefully misleading and the actually logic in some of the code is just off.

That said my scroll bar class is somewhat working. Unfortuanely the scroll bar thumb can scroll right off the bar. Not a big problem though. Far better than the previous scrollbar that didn't even show it's thumb. It's now working apart from if you stretch the bar :( The scaling code just isn't doing it's thing. Sooooo I think I can hack it. I'll make a scroll bar that won't work in every case but will work everywhere I want it to in my game. Afterall I'm not developing an operating system here.

+remove debug users (my menu support a number of users - for people who share a pc or one to have several different games on the go)
+default world image
+in the menu order the worlds by last played
+try to reduce class heaviness especially actor (this is a bad goal as it's vague. I think Actor is much lighter now anyway)
+slow down turns / pause turns
+save / load turn state

The last two sound rather daunting and while they'll probably be hard they're not as bad as they sound.

I will be supremely happy if I manage to get all the above done :D

Currently attempting to install 2005 but it seems to mean I'll finally have to install Service Pack 2 :D

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