Sunday, November 06, 2005


I didn't realized before but I pretty much have a good chunk of full RPG system up and running. I can have NPCs that are controlled by lua scripts then the only big game pieces missing are combat and inventory.

Still refactoring and hunting down bugs.
Nanowrimo isn't really helping me.

Anywho refactoring continues. Currently I've altered bits of code all over the place and I'm trying to get to all work correctly again.

*Every works as it should now. The code in the process of being moved to a more zen-state, though I like compilable stepping stones to guide my way.

(also it's become quite apparent that I really knew nothing about OOD before I started out programming this. Such questions as Intersection where should such a function go in my myraid classes - were answered incorrecty. Each entity is my game had an intersection function. But really is that any object? Is that what this object should have to think about. It would have to know it's position and other creatures position too - its far more appropiate for it to be in the world or map object. At time of typing intersection remains with the entities ... but I'm getting there.)

*Map object still have a reference to a map. Tiles and Actors are map objects. They each have one function that make use of the map varaible. These are all the stand in the way of my goal. If there's time I deal with them tomorrow night.

This mini-wave of refactoring is really helping to clean up my interfaces once again. Errr what else ... oh it would also have been rather hard to plan the perfect architecture from the start. As soon as I finish the house work on stage 2 I'll get to some of the more exciting functional content in stage 3. A lot of it will be stuffed patched in that I've worked out in the snippet complier but there's other stuff that requires writing from scratch.

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