Tuesday, June 24, 2003

What work occured yesterday:

-Wrote a small console based game that uses inheritance and dynamic binding as well as overloading. Just to make sure I still had my flow. It seems I do as that worked fine. It would have been much harder in C++.
-Finished C# For Programmers. A very good book, I now feel I have a broad understanding of the language.
-Wrote up some of my 'broad understanding of the language notes'
-Read a chapter of a book specifcally based on the C# IDE, i.e. the .NET IDE so far its pretty worthless.

What I failed to do:

Get a bitmap on the screen Bah!
It doesn't seem too hard in the GDK+ but I want to use Direct3D.

Todays plan:
-Write up notes.
-Do SDK tutorials right up until the end. They may seems like gibberish to me but using the Direct3D book I should be able to piece together the meaning.
-Have a look at the other C# books specifically the windows one and do a few chapters.

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