Wednesday, June 25, 2003

What was done yesterday:
Looked into the first few SDKs tutorials reasonably deeply. that was pretty much it :(

Today - had a look though an old tutorial for DX8 in C++. Converted it and messed around. The code is a bit of a hack job and is overwriting the 3rd SDK tutorial example.
But it works - images to screen orthagonal view.
Currently awfully user unfriendly. It needs wrapping into a nice class.
I want to be able to plot a said polygon and a said place with a said texture with a few function calls.

Currently it puts the polygon on the screen with a bitmap texture.
I'll have mess with the code and make it nicer today / tommorrow and the write the important bits out here.

I only want to unlock / lock the vertex buffer once per frame so I need figure out a way to but all my graphical changes in a group before sending them off the the unlock lock buffer.

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