Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Okay so its currently in Windowed mode that needs changing or giving an option to change.
Currently its simply and I understand most of it. There seem to be some uncessary uses of delegations but I left it like the tutorials give it.

The Simple Overview
1. Create a window / from
2. Create device, in this case a 3dDirectX device. Linked to the form
3. Create a vertex buffer
- lock the vertex buffer
- stick in all the vertexes you want to render, in an array
- unlock it
4. Render by adding it to the scene while the scene is locked in the render function.

All the stuff going to the screen has to go through the render function. Meaning it has to go through the vertex buffer to get there. Or they're the looks of it so far.
This is using the tutorials avaliable at the Microsoft site.
Going through the window C# book might be an idea too.
There are only five tutorials and my disk copies differ from the web copies slightly. Though they all work, they don't provide much background though.

So I've got to polish off the last three tutorials. I'm going over them slowly making notes. These should be useful later for when I try to tie in my book on DirectX for C++.

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