Thursday, March 21, 2013

RPG Maps and Navigation, How To Make Your RPG Book Update

I think my end of March target for the first draft of my "Make Your RPG" book was optimistic to say the least! I'm hoping instead to, at least, have finished the first section "Exploration". I'm breaking the book up into 3 main functional pieces "Exploring, Fighting and Questing".

The exploration chapter I'm writing now deals with loading up maps, efficiently rendering them, what makes a good map, character animation and so on. Each chapter ends with a small game and the exploration chapter will end with a prison escape game.

I've also commissioned some art for the book's mini-site which should make it look better and allow me to stop using Final Fantasy 6 placeholder art before I'm cease and desisted! Once I have the first draft finished I'll switch back to marketing for a bit and see if I can find more people who would be interested in the book. I'm open to all suggestions and assistance on how to let people who'd be interested in the book, know about it!

Tomorrow I'm going and looking at monkeys and eating roasted pig so my progress may slow (in fact I should be explicitly tracking my progress as I'm sure it would make more efficient).

Finally, if you haven't already done so please check out the site here and sign up to the newsletter.
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