Sunday, March 24, 2013

How To Make An RPG : Magarita Update

I thought I'd give a very brief update of the progress on the book today - blocking tiles went in, now the maps walls actually stop the character! Also I started on the section that will extend the map so it will have multiple layers. Then this section is pretty much done and I can move on to ... dialog boxes I think is next. No image from me today, so here's a modern jRPG screenshot of Penny Arcade's On the Rain Slick Precipe of Darkness, the type of game the book will allow you to make:

I also got latex, the book formatting tool I'm using, compiling the source to a pdf, there are loads of errors to fix but at least I've shown it's possible :D

I updated the "Thank You For Registering" page on the site, it now has some links to allow sharing via email, facebook or twitter. I don't how often these links will get used but it seems worth putting them there.

As always here's the link to the site:

Tomorrow I won't be able to work on the book as I'm poking around Sanur and checking out the beach for the first time since I came to Bali! (It's quite far from where I'm staying).


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that it's really cool that you're planning the book in such a straight-forward, accessible manner. I've always loved jRPGs, and have wanted to make one for a very long time, unfortunately I haven't written any code in about 10 years (I took several java courses in high school, but haven't written a thing since), so I think your book will be a true help. Unfortunately, I'm all but absent from basically all social media, so I won't be your biggest help in the promotion dept, but I will certainly tell anybody I know who has similar interests. Just wanted to say thanks, and that it's really cool and refreshing to find someone willing to share his knowledge so that others can create.

balaam said...

Cool that's great to hear!

It'd really be good if this book could become a guide to help people make the games they want!

I'll probably be writing again soon now and there will be an update of my progress in next few days. I expect even the first draft is going to take a few months.