Sunday, March 24, 2013

How To Make An RPG : Magarita Update

I thought I'd give a very brief update of the progress on the book today - blocking tiles went in, now the maps walls actually stop the character! Also I started on the section that will extend the map so it will have multiple layers. Then this section is pretty much done and I can move on to ... dialog boxes I think is next. No image from me today, so here's a modern jRPG screenshot of Penny Arcade's On the Rain Slick Precipe of Darkness, the type of game the book will allow you to make:

I also got latex, the book formatting tool I'm using, compiling the source to a pdf, there are loads of errors to fix but at least I've shown it's possible :D

I updated the "Thank You For Registering" page on the site, it now has some links to allow sharing via email, facebook or twitter. I don't how often these links will get used but it seems worth putting them there.

As always here's the link to the site:

Tomorrow I won't be able to work on the book as I'm poking around Sanur and checking out the beach for the first time since I came to Bali! (It's quite far from where I'm staying).
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