Monday, March 18, 2013

How To Make an RPG - The Book!

I've started writing a new book about how to make old school SNES-style RPGs. After reading it you should be able to produce an RPG, and easily distribute it. The goal is to help people make this style of game, even if they're never programmed before.

An RPG very pretty but we can do better!

I've put the first version of my promo-page up this morning, to help gauge interest. Here it is (if you've already subscribed using the sidebar, this is the same list so don't worry). The images will definitely need changing to some less copyrighty :) The text is also likely to change.

I think I learned a lot from my first book and I intend to improve on it by quite a margin. My ultimate goal for this book is to have someone make a game that does well commercially, such as getting a Steam release. It would pretty easy after reading the book to produce a game like Cthulhu Saves the World, which has done well commercially and led to the authors making the Penny Arcade RPGs.

Let me know if there's anything particular you'd like to see covered!
This blog will probably have few RPG-centric posts as I try out ideas and flesh out parts for the book.


Unknown said...

Having grown up with a love of games, and especially JRPGs, I have always wanted to program. As a kid, I made some text adventures in QBASIC. They were a lot of fun. I have dabbled with web sites, HTML, CSS, not quite javascript yet. I am not a compotent programmer, but I have a willingness to learn.

Hence, your book proposal resonates with me. Although I feel like I have the creativity and imagination, and in recent years through project management I believe I have learned common sense, good judgement and a sense of humour; I have lacked an accessible text through which to learn practical programming towards developing a game.

If your primer is anything to go by, your book will be amazing. Accessible, immediately prcatical, and just what I need for the game idea that’s been burning my insides. Learn programming and make a game at the same time. Perfect.

I have a proposal. If you want a trustworthy tester and 'user' feedback, or just someone to bounce ideas off, speaking with you would be it’s own reward. Feel free to say hello if you’re interested.

You can contact me via @ibsimpson on twitter, or at my website.


balaam said...

Hey Iain,

That sounds great! It's also good to hear where you're coming from.

I have an outline for the first draft but then I think feedback would definitely be useful.

I have had concerns that it might not be easy enough for people who haven't done much programming (I may revise the promo-website text at some point) but if you found the primer easy to follow then you won't have any issue with the content of the book.

I've followed you on twitter.