Thursday, August 05, 2010

An Editor

Two weeks ago I decided I was going to just play around with the start of making an adventure game. There have a been a few detours but I'm going to stick with it until I have something very simple complete - perhaps a character that can walk around a scene and a simple hidden key / door puzzle.

Most recently I was writing the code to allow the character to navigate the scenes and I've now uploaded it to the source repository.

The Editor project has a simple GUI editor to create NavMeshes. The next step will be adding a way to test the pathfinding, backgrounds and an animated character to move around the screen.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a map view for doom :)

Simon (Darkside) Jackson said...

Looks like an interesting start, will keep watch.
However could you change the theme for the blog, found it very hard to read black text on the bamboo background

balaam said...

Yes I think whipping up a Doom level editor wouldn't be that hard :D Though the current editor is a little unintuitive.

The text shouldn't appear over the bamboo there should be a pale orange background that the black text sits over. What browser are you using? I'll check out and change it if I can't fix it.