Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Little Man

I added a little man that can walk around the nav mesh.

The man comes from kafkaskoffee as a template to build characters from. I changed it to png with alpha and removed the borders.

In walk test mode you can click an area and the little man will walk to that position. This will work with any nav mesh not just the small box above.

One issue I've notice is that sometimes that man doesn't walk to the position. I'm not sure why this is happening (or I've already fixed it :D) but I'm sure I'll get to it with a little debugging.

I'm getting quite close to the end of where I wanted to take this project it's been interesting (source code available at the usual place. The Engine has a had a few minor changes and the Shooter game also had to be updated).

*Walking bug fixed*
I'd lazily reimplemented a distance function and made a mistake in a it (float yd = point2.Y - point2.Y;). I've got rid of the entire implementation anyway and replaced it with something more natural. I'd starting writing the function with the end condition first and never really cleaned up properly - anyway all fixed and all awesome. Fix is checked in.

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