Monday, August 23, 2010


I think I've finished messing with adventure games for now. I've added a link to the article in the sidebar and it's something I do plan to return to, the hardest part is done - walking around a scene, adding an inventory and interactions is relatively simple.

One item of point and click adventure games that does keep popping up in my mind is creating a design tool that brings up a matrix of all possible game interactions. All items and interaction points in the game would be listed in a grid like excel. The names would  run across the A row and down the 1 row, each cell would represent an interaction (use teddy bear on cave wall) for instance. This idea can even be extended a little - not every item can interact with every other item in most adventure games. Using item A to solve a puzzle often destroys item A so it cannot interact with anything else after that point. An adventure game has a finite number of interactions and they can be organised and search like a tree. For a world state w perform an action to get a modified world state  w'. I may not have expressed this well but it would be the kind of problem Prolog would solve very easily and it's something I want to have a poke at some point.

Anyway to the thrust of this post - I'm going to be writing a few little games, or the very start of a game like I did for the adventure game. I plan to do a Break Out game some time soon - as this does a very good job of opening up the world of arcade type games and after that maybe something I can get done quite fast; a bare bones roguelike or text adventure. But I'm also open to suggestions so if you'd like me to have a look at something then send me a mail or add a comment. Like the adventure game example I'll upload the code to Google Code (and it's quite likely I'll use my Engine project as a base)

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