Thursday, April 27, 2006

Next stop is LUNCHVILLE because all this stealin' made me hungry!

Today I did something fairly interesting that I've been meaning to for a while.

What are puzzles? Can they be defined and are they made of rules underneath that we can reuse?

Big questions, a little too big to work on at school, when I'm being busy drinking coffee. Anyway I always thought it would be interesting to take an adventure game and see if it's puzzles could be broken down and classified. So I did it with Monkey Island 1. See the next post, I don't want to dirty my classification with normal day to day ranting.

EINFALL going slowly - there may be screens shots this weekend. Tentative. I'm busy friday night, all day saturday and saturday night probably busy sunday morning. But hey after that well I might get some work done. I also entered a dig dug competition which hasn't got further than blitting a bitmap to the screen.

I think I made an interesting post over here.
Also I've been reading up on some game design patterns (see my bookmarks) and I think I have a few interesting things to say but not quite yet. Next up Adventure Game Patterns.

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