Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm making a mockery of your Friday.

Friday starts with an F.

So today was another one of my very long, very empty days at school where I spent lots of time sitting in the staff room. I decided to be a bit bolder today and did some tile work. That's right tiles, buildings need tiles. (Apart from all the time I spent being frustrated at emacs, oh here's a question for those in the know - if my emacs files has only the following in it:

(require 'ruby-electric)

why does if fail it says define-minor-mode is a void symbol, or something similar. Why why why why why? Grah. I cannot find any help on the internet. Perhaps when I have free time and an internet connection I'll find a chat room and pressure some bearded guru into teaching me.))

I have to say I've amazed myself - to me eye these tiles are superb, triple A for the 90s. My corner tile doesn't quite work but who cares I don't think you can really tell. The tiles are just standard walls tiles and something that might be used as a path.
Anyway look forward to them appearing in a screen shot soon.

I'm not posting these tiles here as I don't want them used by miscrents.

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