Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Why monkeys fight

I found this an excellent and interesting read.

I have a whole spiel somewhere about whatsup with my progress but there's not much at the moment. I'm not willing to move on to the next stage until certain bugs are squashed. I could also do with bolstering my work ethic I think :D Unless I have at least a nice three hours or so of free time I'm reluctant to sink into my main code.

This next weekend is my last before I return to the UK. I'll be back in Japan in the newyear and will have some hacking time them. My new years resoultion will be to be well into stage three before I restart my job :D

When I go to school I often have snippets of free time - I read stuff that I've scrapbooked from various webpages. This morning I read something like 43 things where you write down your goals and see who shares them - sounded quite intereting perhaps it will motivate me more.

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