Friday, July 15, 2005


So yesterday I wrote a pirate name generator. I think the random function is not quite up to scratch but everything else is pretty sweet. Currently it's wrapped in a class and custom crew names can be added through the function call. So if I wanted pirates of different races I could give a racial name but keep the standard stuff that goes around it (I guess ideally you'd have a pirate name generator for each race but I'm going to skip on that). I mainly made this for fun, I'm not sure if I'll use it.

I also partially updated the first tutorial. No code changes yet as I only got about halfway through. But I changed bits that didn't make sense and tried to format the code nicely.

Captain Water Skin

Silver Carryin' Flint
Ancient Elmer
Life Carryin' Ali
Fire Lover Sam
Gold Pinching Bart
Boring Smith
Mother killer Connor

Captain Sea Shout

Short Fritz
Water Carryin' Ebu
Pirate Selling Lewis
Rapin' Bob
Zombie Fritz
Unlucky Wiggins

Captain Neptune Shout

Rat Beating Joyce
Drunken Davy
Sword Carryin' Barlow
Land Finder Joyce

Captain Wreck Eater

Mermaid Swappin' Wiggins
Jake card cheater
Rotting Elmer
Rod The Blessed
Clown Davy
Opium Gamblin' Mungo
Fish Shaving Fritz
Drunk Horngold
Hook Hand Morgan

Captain Massive Brawn

Dog Marryin' Harris
Slave Chokin' Tom
Peg Leg Rob
Brine Chewin' Flint
Sodomy Jack

Captain Broken Child

Cannon Licker Nathaniel
Gem Lovin' Harris
Crazed Nathaniel
Pirate Morgan
Cursed Sven
Traitor Samuel

Captain Rip Hand

Poor Ebu
Sea Cow Bitin' Fingean
Baby Face Guybrush
Monkey Chokin' Mungo
Hasheem the criminal
Grandfather Riding Thomas
Oil Gargling Jim
Cursed Elmer
Grandfather Shaving Elmer

Captain Rot Rage

Short Bailey
Parrot Gropin' Clive
Rob the sea scared
Fire Thower Edward

Oh this weekends goal is to get the User Menus functional. Very similar but oh so slightly different that last weekends goal.

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